Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frugal: My recommendations policy

I was asked about the product and service recommendations in my posts. Specifically, are these paid enforcements or my personal analysis and recommendation? It is good that you asked. You should always know the business of the person recommending something to you, or a person expressing their point of view. (Tip: most news outlets are in the advertising business not news business).

There are two kinds of ads or references to specific products and services at my sites. The ones outside the actual post content are automatically generated by folk like Google. I have little control over what they display and do not necessarily endorse the products or services displayed. Google et al do a pretty good job of screening advertisers and displaying ads that relate to the content of the website.

Then there are mentions, links, or ads within a post. All products or services recommended in my posts are things I have used or acquired for evaluation and personally recommend. Of course, if my post blasts a specific product or service, I do NOT recommend them.

I try to make sure to have written an article about a product or service before I include a link or ad for it. Occasionally I might put up the ad before I've gotten around to writing about it. If you can't find my evaluation for a product whose ad you see, you can safely assume I recommend the product and will eventually write about it. If you are really curious about such a product, comment on the post and I'll get back to you.

Frugal is smart; Cheap is stupid!

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